Mr. Paul and Mr. Roy Tanudjaja.
Mr. Roy and Mr. Paul Tanudjaja

PT. SUMBER DJAJA PERKASA is a manufacturing company that processes plastic materials for consumer products. Since our company was first established in 1965, we have constantly developed ground-breaking technical skills to help us in producing high quality plastic goods that will make our consumers' daily living not only easier, but also better and safer in countless ways.

Over the years, we have grown from a small business to our present facility. Today, our company is known as one of the most recognized plastic profile manufacturers and recycling businesses in Indonesia. Our customers range from giant international companies inside and outside Indonesia, to small and locally owned retail stores. We use flexible approaches to cater to each of their needs. Many of them have been with us for years and we greatly appreciate their trust and support. We work hard to build confidence and credibility to be their partners in success. Our skillful workers always ensure the quality of our products, whereas our executives and staffs would stress on providing the best service with competitive prices and responsiveness.

Our accomplishments have also been attributed to the pioneering vision and entrepreneurial skills of our management team. We consistently seek for ideas and innovations that could change our world to be a better one. With the extraordinary characteristics and benefits of plastic material, we strongly believe that the opportunities are endless in this business. As lifestyles continually change, we anticipate the market trends and quickly embrace them. We attempt to expand and deepen our range of offerings by working closely with our customers to deliver the best products and solutions at the best value.

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