PVC Door

Since our inception on 1965, PVC door has become one of our first products. As one of the pioneers of PVC door in Indonesia and with more than 40 years of experience, we are one of the leading and trusted PVC door manufacturers in Indonesia.

Golden Swan® is a durable and cost effective PVC door produced using high quality PVC granules. Due to its main material, Golden Swan® PVC door provides better insulation and therefore better energy efficiency than a traditional timber door. It is also virtually maintenance free and free of warpage, shrinkage and expansion over time. It will remain perfectly stable because it is completely waterproof. Golden Swan® PVC Door comes in 2 different variations: Solid color (red, blue, pink, white, beige, green, purple, and gray) and Wood grain texture. In addition, we can provide custom color or even printing with minimum order quantity. In addition, we also provides door jamb to complete your door set.

Product Specifications

  • Thickness:
    3.5 cm

  • Width:
    60 cm

  • Length:
    190 cm

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