Duma<sup>®</sup> Composite Door

DUMA® Compsoite Door is the first Wood Plastic Composite door to be manufactured and sold locally in Indonesia. It is the result of our is the result of our creativity responding to the challenge driven by the needs to create innovative products that are eco-friendly and sustainable. DUMA® Composite Doors are made of Wood Plastic Composites (WPC) material, which is a mixture of Natural Cellulosic Fibers (in this case wood fiber/powder) and polymer (in this case Polyvinyl Chloride). With sustainable wood fibers accounted as high as 50% of the total composition, DUMA® door boards & panels exhibit mechanical properties and beauties of wood while at the same time retaining polymer's durability.

To learn more about DUMA® Composite Door please visit our website at: www.dumadoor.co.id

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